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Profit & Loss Calculator

Profit and Loss Calculator
Profit and Loss Calculator

Profit & Loss Calculator is a free online tool that displays the actual profit for the given Buying/Cost price and selling price with a percentage also. Trademint's online profit calculator tool makes the calculation faster, and it displays the profit in a fraction of a second.

Important Formulas

How to calculate Profit & Loss?

Formula: Total Profit = Selling Price - Buying Price

Profit: B.P. > C.P.
Loss: S.P. < B.P.

How to calculate Profit & Loss Percentage?

Formula: Profit or Loss percentage (%) = (Profit or Loss / Buying Price)×100

Depending on the number of quantities, our profit and loss calculator can also determine the total profit and loss amount as well as the percentage.

How to Use Profit & Loss Calculator

  • Step 1: Enter the buying or cost price and the selling price in the respective input field.
  • Step 2: Add quantity (optional) you can also add the quantity.
  • Step 2: Now click the button “CALCULATE” to get the final result of profit and loss with percentage.
  • Step 3: Finally, the profit and loss for the given data will be displayed in the result output field.

Final Words

Mastering P&L is most essential for effective financial management. By understanding the given components and using tools like our P&L calculator, individuals and businesses can make their informed decisions to improve profitability and also achieve long-term success. Now start analyzing your finances today and take control of your financial future with trademint community.

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