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ROI Calculator – Calculate Return on Investment

Return on Investment (ROI) estimates the gain and loss generated on the amount invested. ROI is generally expressed in the percentage (%) to analyze profit growth or the earnings of different investments. Now in simple words, the return on Investments estimates what you receive back as compared to what you invest (within particular time).

If you are an investor or a trader, you must know the returns you may earn on your investments or a particular trade. The ROI [Return on Investment] calculator is a financial tool that helps you calculate the return on your investments and measure their profitability. You can use our ROI calculator to calculate returns on a certain investment over a specific investment tenure. However, the returns could be positive or negative its dent matter but when your ROI negative, it means that you are losing or have lost money on your investment.

Using the Trademint’s ROI calculator enables you to calculate the returns on investments within seconds. The calculator is designed to give you an accurate estimate of how much return you may receive on your investment over the period of time also we calculate Investment Gain, Annualized ROI & Compound Annual ROI to get more details that helps you in financial planning.

ROI calculator is a kind of financial investment tool that’s provide you to estimate the total profit or loss on your investment in percent.

How does our ROI Calculator work?

Here’s a complete overview of how our ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator works, which formula we use and how calculations were performed:

Heare is the formula that we have used in this ROI Calculator:

Total ROI = [Return on Investment − Initial Investment / Initial Investment ] * 100

Annualized ROI = Total ROI / Time Period (in years)

Initial Investment: Enter the amount you have invested.

Amount Returned (Total Amount): Here, enter the total amount of return from the investment

Time Period/Tenure (In Years): Enter the investment tenure in years/month/day

Once you have entered all above details in the trademint’s ROI calculator will show you the investment gain/loss, ROI in percent, Annual ROI & Compounded Annual ROI Rates you have made on your investments.

Our Final Result Section:

  • 1. Investment Gain: The amount of profit/loss gained from the investment.
  • 2. ROI: The Total ROI percentage (%)
  • 3. Annualized ROI: The Annualized ROI percentage (%).
  • 4. Compound Annual ROI: The Compound Annual ROI percentage (%).
  • 5. Investment Length: The total investment length in years.

Based on the given results of these calculations, the Tradmint’s ROI calculator generates a pie chart visual represent that breakdown the complete investment visually.

Our calculator is completely userfriendly and provides the result within second so user gets results instantly.

ROI Calculation Example

For example, you invested ₹10,000 initially, and after a year, your investment returned you total ₹12,500. Now let’s calculate the ROI using this example.

  • Initial Investment: 10,000
  • Amount Returned: 12,500
  • Duration: 1 years (12 months)

Calculations :

Total ROI = [Return on Investment − Initial Investment / Initial Investment ] * 100

According to ROI Formula,

Total ROI = [12500 − 10000 / 10000] * 100

Total ROI = 25%

Annualized ROI = Total ROI / Time Period (in years)

Now, the time period is 1 year, the Annualized ROI is the same because of one-year Total ROI Annualized ROI is also 25%

Annualized ROI = 25%

Investment Gain = Return on Investment − Initial Investment

Investment Gain = 12500 − 10000

Investment Gain = 2500

In the above example, the initial investment of 10,000 return total ₹12,500 in one year, Now the ROI (Return on Investment) is 25% and The Annualized ROI (for a one-year period) was also same 25%, The investment gained ₹2,500, Now all the scenario we represented in visually using the pie chart to get clear idea.

Advantages of Trademint’s ROI Calculator

TradeMint offers the best ROI – Return on Investment calculator and we provides the following advantages:

  • Trademint’s ROI calculator helps all investors and also for traders to understand the return and performance of their investment portfolio time to time.
  • ROI Calculator provides a clear breakdown of the investment, to get it easier to analyze anyone and plan future investments accordingly.
  • Time Saving and User-friendly interface that makes it simple for anyone to use and get results in fraction of second. Now, check your returns on your investments in seconds!..
  • Learn Financial Concepts – This calculator motivates and helps you to learn financial concept easily and achieve financial knowledge.

Final Words

By using our ROI Return on Investment calculator, you can approach your investment decisions with more information that improve your financial planning decisions.

Start planning your financial future today!

Remember: This ROI Calculator provides an estimation. Actual portfolio returns may vary depending on market performance and other factors.

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