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Step-Up SIP Calculator

Step-Up SIP Calculator gives you the future estimate value of your SIP investments which increases periodically by a given certain percentage. In this calculator you need to input common variables like monthly sip investment amount, the growth percentage of your SIP investment on your previous yearly sip, the expected rate of return and the duration of the investment. After entering all the variables, the calculator shows the maturity value and the total investment made during the period with graphical yearly step by step presentation.

The systematic investment plan known as SIP that helps you invest fixed amount every month automatically in a various investment scheme. This is the disciplined way of investing for every investor that helps you average out the market volatility and helps in rupee cost averaging.

Furthermore, you have a one more option to step up your investments on an annual basis. Stepping up is basically refers to increasing the value of your SIP investment amount by a certain percentage every yearly. It becomes more difficult to track your investment amount after certain period of time. In that the entire process of estimating potential returns will get mind-boggling. So we create a amazing tool like step-up calculator that helps you estimate the returns when you opt for a step-up SIP Investments.

Therefore, a Step-up SIP calculator helps you estimate the future potential returns from your SIP investments. Within seconds, the calculator computes all the input values that you put in this calculator. Our calculator automatically factors in the same step-up percentage every year and computes the SIP value for the investment duration with yearly graphical representation.

How does our Step Up SIP Calculator work?

Step-up SIP calculator is an online tool used by investors to calculates the future worth of your SIP investments when if you increase your SIP by a certain percentage on a regular basis through annual step-up percent. When you enter the required data into the calculator, you can further get the end amount effortlessly with visual representation.

Monthly Investment: Enter monthly investment amount that you want to invest through SIP.

Annual Step-Up SIP (%): Here, enter percentage for how much you want to increase step up yearly contribution through SIPs.

Expected Annual Interest Rate (%): Here, you need to enter the interest rate that you that you achieve on your investments during the entire period.

Investment Duration (Years) / Tenure: Enter the total time period in terms of years for which you will continue your SIP.

Final Result: Now our calculator performs the calculations and delivers the magical number that tells you by entering above details, you’ll see the total invested amount, total profits generated and the maturity amount after the certain time period entered based on the expected returns provided.

Our calculator is completely user-friendly and provides the result within second, so user gets results instantly and compare.

Step Up SIP Investment Example

For example, If you start a Step-up SIP

  • Monthly SIP Investment: 10,000 /-
  • Annual Step-Up SIP (%): 10
  • Expected Annual Interest Rate (%): 12
  • Investment Duration (Years): 10

Result : After the 10 years your total future value approximate ₹33,74,326.26 and your total gain/earnings: ₹14,61,835.31 on the total amount deposited: ₹19,12,490.95 /-

Note: This is a simplified example. Actual returns and inflation rates may vary.

Advantages of Trademint's Step-Up SIP Calculator

TradeMint offers the best Step Up SIP calculator, which provides the following advantages:

  • Investment Planning
  • Promotes Early Investment
  • Disciplined Investing: A Step-Up SIP Calculator encourages disciplined investing by automating the process of increasing investment amounts through Step UP SIP option.
  • Financial Knowledge - This calculator motivates and helps you to learn financial concept easily and achieve financial knowledge.

Final Words

Step up SIP is a way to invest your hard-earned money regularly in various investment assets like mutual fund and more, similar to same as SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) but in the step up sip you will increase your SIP amount every year and also you get a chance to automate the complete process of increasing your SIP amounts every year with the help of automation provided by many mutual funds.

By using our Steo-SIP calculator, you can approach your investment decisions with more information that improve your long-term financial planning.

Start planning your financial future today!

Remember: This Step-Up SIP Calculator provides an estimation. Actual returns may vary depending on market performance and other factors.

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