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Vijay Kedia’s Portfolio, Shareholdings, Investments & Networth

Vijay Kedia

Total Networth: 1,242.70 Cr

(As of March 2024)

Vijay Kedia is a popular Indian individual investor and stock trader. He has been involved in the market since he was only 19 years old. Kedia and his company, Kedia Securities Pvt. Ltd., are the largest shareholders in several listed companies. Dr. Vijay Kedia precisely attaches to SMILE as a principle in investing; which means Small in size, Medium in experience, Large in aspiration and Extra-large in market potential. They find companies with good management, honest leadership, and strong future growth potentials, which he holds for the long term. Kedia’s success in the stock market has made him one of the most renowned stock investors in India.

According to the information available from the exchange, these are the latest shares held by Dr Vijay Kedia. The latest quarterly results may not be available for some companies as they may file them later.

In this article, we look at the latest portfolio of Dr. Vijay Kedia, Shareholdings, Networth & his investment philosophy and style. Stay with us on this incredible journey that begins with learning about his humble beginnings, moves on to his investing techniques, and finally reveals why he is known as a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and investor. So lets start..

Net Worth: Rs 1,242.70 Cr | Age: 63 | Country/Territory: India | Industry: Investor & Trader
Vijay Kedia was ranked among the top 100 richest Indians by Forbes magazine in 2018.

Personal Details

NameDr. Vijay Kishanlal Kedia
Birth Date and AgeNovember 04, 1959, 63 years
BirthplaceKolkata, India
ResidenceKolkata, India
Source of Wealth
  • Investing
  • Trading
  • Business
FounderKedia Securities Pvt. Ltd.
Known For Founder and CEO of Kedia Securities Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ranked among the top 100 richest Indians by Forbes magazine in 2018
  • He was awarded the “Trader of the Year” by the Bombay Stock Exchange in 2004
  • Author “The Art of Stock Trading” and “The Secret of Successful Investing”

Vijay Kedia’s Portfolio & Shareholdings

Take a look at the latest portfolio of Vijay Kedia (As of March 2024):

As per corporate shareholdings filed for March 31, 2024, Vijay Kedia publicly holds 16 stocks in his portfolio

SR NoCompany (Stock Held)Quantity Held% HoldingValue of Holding
1Atul Auto Ltd.5,802,01720.91314.2 Cr
2Innovators Facade Systems Ltd.2,010,63210.66%36.6 Cr
3 Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd.1,116,7209.93%65.7 Cr
4Repro India Ltd.906,4916.3461.3 Cr
5 Global Vectra Helicorp Ltd.409,3002.927.9 Cr
6Om Infra Ltd.2,400,0002.4928.2 Cr
7Vaibhav Global Ltd.3,325,1522.01105.3 Cr
8Tejas Networks Ltd.3,200,0001.87411.2 Cr
9Patel Engineering Ltd.1.5572 Cr
10 Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd.1,000,0001.4479.2 Cr
11Elecon Engineering Company Ltd.1,499,9991.34165.5 Cr
12Precision Camshafts Ltd.1,100,0001.1621.6 Cr
13Neuland Laboratories Ltd.140,0001.0988.1 Cr
14Reliance Infrastructure Ltd.4,000,0001.0167.1 Cr
15 Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd.2,025,0001.0081.5 Cr
16Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd.455,0001.0020.3 Cr
17Talbros Automotive Components Ltd.625,0001.0118.9 Cr
18 Heritage Foods Ltd.
19 Ramco Systems Ltd.
20 Panasonic Energy India Company Ltd.
21 Ramco Lykis Ltd.
22 Cera Sanitaryware Ltd.
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Vijay Kedia Networth History

Net Worth History Chart

As of March 2024, Vijay Kedia’s net worth is estimated to be over 1,242.73 Cr. kedia’s wealth has seen remarkable growth over the years. Let’s take a closer look at his timeline, net worth history and Achievements

  • Vijay Keadia Born in a Marwari family with a background in trading, Vijay Kedia start their trading journey at the age of 14 years.
  • Kedia started his career at the early age of 19 and took up trading and investing as a full-time career.
  • At one point, Vijay Kedia sell family jewelry to cover his stock market losses.
  • Year 2016, he was featured as #13 in the Business World list of most Successful Investors of India.
  • In 2016, he received an honorary doctorate degree for excellence in management from the Confederation of International Accreditation Commission (CIAC).
  • Year 2017, ‘Money Life Advisory’ launched a microsite called ‘Ask Vijay Kedia’
  • Year 2024, Vijay Kedia’s net worth continued to rise, reaching new heights.

Vijay Kedia’s net worth has been continuously increasing due to his successful strategic investments. Vijay Kedia investment philosophy, encapsulated in the ‘SMILE’ methodology (focusing on Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-large companies), laid the foundation for his success. His story serves as an inspiration to many aspiring investors in India’s stock market.

Vijay Kedia’s Top Holdings Stocks in Portfolio

Now let’s put the Vijay Keadia’s share portfolio under the microscope and understand his top theories deeply to find ‘SMILE’ strategy and investment philosophy.

  1. Tejas Networks Ltd: Acquired 3,200,000 shares (1.87% holding) worth ₹411.2 Cr.
  2. Atul Auto Ltd: Acquired 5,802,017 shares (20.91% holding) worth ₹314.2 Cr.
  3. Elecon Engineering Company Ltd: Acquired 1,499,999 shares (1.34% holding) worth ₹165.5 Cr.

What is Vijay Kedia’s Investment Strategy?

Vijay Kedia, the founder of Kedia Securities, follows a distinctive investment philosophy known as SMiLE. Let’s break it down

Let us go over the lessons learned from Vijay Kedia’s portfolio that, if properly applied, may boost our investing skills and, eventually, our returns

Small size company (S): Kedia doesn’t focus solely on low market-cap companies. Instead, he looks for small companies with growth potential in their industry. These companies main aim to expand their market share.

Medium experience (Mi): Kedia prefers management teams with 15-20 years of experience. They strike a balance between seasoned wisdom and adaptability, crucial for navigating market demands.

Large aspirations (L): One of the key criteria for Kedia’s investment is the company’s ambitious vision and aspirations for growth. Companies with a strong growth mindset and a clear strategy to capitalize on market opportunities are more likely to catch Kedia’s attention.

Extra-large potential (E): In last, Kedia looks for companies operating in sectors with significant market potential. He completely focuses on industries poised for rapid growth and disruption, such as technology, healthcare, and consumer goods. By investing in companies with extra-large market potential, Kedia aims to ride the wave of sectoral growth and maximize returns for his investments.

In Vijay Keadia’s ‘SMILE’ Investing strategy you can find good companies at reasonable valuations. His investment approach aligns with value investing principles popularized by Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett.

Final Words

Vijay Kedia’s investment journey offers invaluable lessons on research and long-term investing. Their success inspires a new generation of investors to pursue wealth creation through informed and strategic market participation.

Remember that while learning from successful investors like Vijay Kedia, it’s essential to adapt their strategies to your own risk tolerance and financial goals. 🌟📈

When an investor starts his investment journey, he wonders, “How did Vijay Kedia get rich?” And one begins to aspire to be like him by following his investments and strategies. Remember, just copying Vijay Kedia’s portfolio will not take you to the heights he did.

Taking an investment idea from his investment portfolio may help you build a good one for yourself. However, it would be best but first learn what is stock market? How does it work? because remember stock market is unpredictable and may flip your investments upside down quickly. so first learn the concepts then invest…

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